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From nature, to history, to culture, be sure not to miss the many sights that can be visited when staying with us, including:

  • Plovdiv, one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities (app. 90 minute drive), with it's quaint old town & well preserved Roman amphitheater.

  • The serene Greek Island of Thassos (app. 2 hour drive to the ferry)

  • The ancient Thracian hilltop city of Perperikon (app. 40 mins), where Alexander the Great is said to have been told by the oracle that he would conquer the world

  • Orpheus' tomb at Tatul - The prehistoric petrified forest - The ancient Thracian observatory of Harman Kaya all located in Momchilgrad county (app. 45 mins)

  • Utroba (womb) cave (app. 20 mins)

  • Devil's bridge & Eagle rocks located near Ardino (app 75 mins)

  • The hilltop fortress of Monyak with it's sweeping views & soaring eagles, where Henry was crowned the last Holy Roman Emperor (app 30 mins)

  • The stone wedding (app 25 mins)

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