Things to See

We provide a variety of activities mostly in the form of day trips. Below is an overview of the destinations:

Thassos, Greece (Greek Island visit to 3 different beaches)

A day trip to the Greek island of Thassos with visits to the stunning white Marble Beach, the secluded & southernmost Salonikios Beach and the popular Tripiti Beach as well as a stop at the natural rock pool Giola.

Plovdiv (old town, amphitheater)

A day trip to what is arguably the oldest continuously lived in city in Europe and second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv and a visit to a local vineyard. With settlement dating back to 4000BC there is ample history to soak in. Visit one of the best preserved ancient amphitheaters that exists, amble through the historical and well preserved old town or walk up to Nebet Tepe for a panoramic view of Plovdiv and the Rhodope mountains.

Perperikon, Stone Wedding, Monyak Fortress

A daytrip to nearby Perperikon, Bulgaria's Delphi, also called the Machu Picchu of Europe, a shrine to the God of Wine Dionysus together with a visit to Monyak Fortress and it's stunning views and a stop-off at the natural rock formations known as the Stone Wedding.

Tatul, petrified forest & Harman Kaya

A daytrip to nearby Thracian Sanctuary of Tatul (alleged by some to be the tomb of Orpheus), a hike through a beautiful valley in which the petrified remains of an ancient forest can be found and a visit to the ancient rock sanctuary of Harman Kaya.

Asen Fortress, Chudnite Mostove (wondrous bridge) & Bachkovo monastery 

A daytrip to the medieval Asen Fortress, a hike in the mountains to Chudnite Mostove (naturally occurring rock arches/bridges) and a visit to Bachkovo Monastery, one of the largest and oldest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Europe.

River Arda & Utroba (womb) Cave

A half day trip to Utroba (womb) Cave with, on the way, stunning panoramic vistas of the Arda River.

Devil's Bridge & Orlovi Skali (Eagle rocks)

A half day trip to the magnificent Devil's Bridge (on the Sultan's Trail) and to the majestic Eagle Rocks, a Thracian cult complex with carved niches in inaccessible rock faces in which urns were placed in ancient times.

Veikata Peak

A day trip/hike to the peak of mount Veikata, the southernmost point of Bulgaria and the highest peak in this part of the country, with, on a good day, views of the Mediterranean to the south. 

Ancient gold mine & gold panning

A half day trip to an ancient Thracian gold mine and a chance to pan for gold yourself.

Boat trip on lake Kardzhali (visit an ancient fortress & fish restaurant)

A trip around Lake Kardzhali with stops at the ancient hilltop fortress of Patmos, otherwise unvisited by tourists, lunch and drinks on a floating fish restaurant and a cruise past Kardzhali Dam.


We have a number of boats and a jet-ski available which can be used on the lake directly at the property. In summer the lake is also perfect for swimming!